A Licensed and Insured Cleaning Company Owned by Realtors

Meet the Owners

Jess and Jay Wilson, owners of Wave Cleaners LLC and real estate agents with Edge Realty RI.

Jessica and Jay Wilson are an experienced Realtor team, and business owners committed to providing professional service to their clients. You can’t help but notice the bright smiles of this fun, kind, exciting power couple when they enter a room. Driven by passion for Rhode Island real estate , they take pride in providing the best care for your investment as possible. With a collective effort their goals include , bringing out the best of your homes features, providing an efficient and affordable service, and creating job opportunities in their local area. They have built an extraordinary team of Managers, supervisors, and cleaners , many with specialty experience. As well as an incredible list of resources for all of your needs. In addition to owning and operating Wave Cleaners, Jessica and Jay are full time Realtors at Edge Realty in Narragansett, Rhode Island. They have vast knowledge in how to care for specific building materials, and areas that are commonly overlooked by the average homeowner, that has been a focal point when training new hires. Wave Cleaners will be a decision you will never regret.